What is a Soul Mate Vs Twin Flame? How Do You Know When You’ve Found Yours?

Soul mates vs twin flame – do you believe in them? Personally, the idea of soul mates in a romantic sense had been rather ruined by generic quotes and cliché perspectives. Thinking about finding my soulmate led me to reflect on my own life. I concluded that soulmates don’t have to be romantic, nor do twin flames have to be pitted against them, which seemed to be the general consensus.

There are so many twin flame stages, soulmate encounters, and human connections in life, that there is no possible way to describe them all. What we can do, however, is explore soul mates and twin flames separately and then show you how they can be one and the same. Let’s do it!

soul mate vs twin flame
How do you know when you've found yours? 
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Soul Mate

There’s a dispute around those who believe and don’t believe in soulmates. Often, a soulmate is described as someone with whom you have a deep connection. This surpasses surface-level conversations and blank thoughts, unfurling yourself to be able to be totally honest. For some, the thought of this is truly daunting and quite frankly, far too vulnerable. Those who believe they have found their soulmate will tell you that the connection feels easy and the bond is strong. But don’t think this means it’s a walk in the park! It does still take a willingness to nurture these relationships.

So which forms can soulmates take? Considering my soulmates in life, I have concluded that soulmates do not exclusively consist of your romantic partner, but come in the form of friendships and partnerships too. Let’s explore the differences and similarities between these connections.

Relationship Soul Mate

Perhaps the most common word to describe romantic relationships between two people. Another word for a soul mate in this scenario would be life companion, confident or best friend. It’s often difficult to think of soul mate synonyms to describe the intense bond you feel you have with someone who you wish to be in your life forever.

Across several cultures and languages, the notion of a soulmate varies. The English language uses the terms ‘soulmate’ in perhaps the most simplistic way. Across the world, different languages translate this notion differently:

Hindi – ‘Jaan se pyaara’ which translates to, more valuable than life

Mandarin – ‘Zhījǐ’ which translates to a confidant

There are many other examples but the essence is that when looking at the idea of soul mate vs twin flame, both share the idea that the underlying bond is key. Definition here isn’t vital, as the distinction between phrases varies between languages.

soul mate vs twin flame
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Friendship Soul Mate

If you’re anything like me, then you know that sometimes new friendships can feel like life-long ones. When it comes to soul mates vs twin flame comparisons, it is likely that friendship soulmates are far less daunting to accept into our lives. This is because the bond you have with friends who seem like soulmates is truly unique.

Friendship soulmates can also be referred to as platonic soulmates. These friendships can be described as being similar to having a life partner, with understanding at the core of the relationship. With a platonic soulmate comes unfiltered honesty and dependable addition to your life. Of course, friendships can vary with distance as well as the frequency of contact, but this does not limit a friendship-soulmate connection. 

Other Soul Mate Connections

A partnership, companionship or even kindred spirits can all be part of the soulmate category. As we’ve said before, another word for a soul mate can be that of a companion or confidant. The connection of your souls on a deeper level is what dictates the notion of you feeling as though someone is your soulmate. There are so many different connections that chances are, you may have already found one of your soulmates.

soul mate vs twin flame
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Twin Flame

Ever heard of a twin flame? I hadn’t heard of the term but the concept, I had. In Greek Mythology, it was said that humans were creatures with four arms, four legs, and two faces. After humans showed a heightened sense of pride, Zeus decided to split them in two, so that they would forever long for their other half. From this, stems the idea of twin flame love. 

Twin flames, similar to soulmates, do not have a specific set of criteria. These relationships can fall into that of friendship, partnerships, or relationships alike. 

Twin flame love is said to be closely linked to your divine purpose, connecting you to another with the intention of self-awareness and growth. With a twin flame, you may find shared synchronism and the desire to push each other towards growth. If we think back to the mythological origins of separation, they stem from the relinquishment of pride and strife for self-growth.

The Twin Flame Symbol

There are a few variations across the board when it comes to the twin flame symbol. Generally, it consists of a circle that holds a triangle, with two flames, and below the triangle, an infinity sign. The infinity symbol can be seen to contradict the notion of platonic soulmates; however, it is said that it represents two people (represented by circles) merging to become one symbol. 

soul mate vs twin flame
twin flame symbol - a circle that holds a triangle, with two flames, and below the triangle, an infinity sign.

Twin Flame Soulmate

When we’re considering the notion of soul mates vs twin flame, the two do not necessarily have to be rivals. There is the idea of a twin flame soulmate. Your twin flame soulmate can feel like a mirror image of yourself, both of you agreeing on fundamental beliefs and shared ideas. There is, however, another reason why twin flame lovers have the word ‘flame’ so closely associated. With your mirrored image, can come too many similarities, which may push you apart or bring you together. Here are the twin flame stages:

1. Yearning for ‘The One’

A longing and awareness of finding your other half.

2. Initial Meeting

Instant attraction and the desire to be together, constantly.

3. Falling in Love

Your new relationship is meaningful, connected and freeing.

4. Challenges

Challenges occur, which require self-reflection and introspective growth.

5. Tests

As insecurities rise, it can be devastating, challenging and test your relationship.

6. Run & Chase

This push and pull will cause distance.

7. Surrender

Coming back together is an eventuality, though it will take growth and perspective.

8. Togetherness 

A sense of balance is restored. Your shared passions and meaning of life will keep you together and guide you through life.

soul mate vs twin flame 
twin flame stages

Have I Found Mine?

When answering this, we can assume that romantic relationships are those in question here. The answer depends on your feelings and the depth of connection you feel. If you feel like priorities to each other and have a deep understanding of your lives, the chances are that you might be. 

A deep connection feels as though it stands the test of time. This doesn’t however mean that relationships come without their troubles. It is important to remember that finding your soulmate or twin flame, doesn’t necessarily mean smooth sailing. Relationships take work and a lot of it! Once you put the priority on each other, you’re likely to have something that feels truly special.

If you’d like more advice and information on relationships and dating, head over to the Miingle website. 

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