The Best Transgender Dating Apps

Come on. Be honest. How many times have you downloaded and then instantly deleted a dating app all in the space of one day? It’s a recurring process of seeking someone to at least hold a decent conversation with, only to simply be met with an influx of nude requests and a feed of faceless profiles. It’s no surprise a lot of us have already given up trying.

Unfortunately, transgender people find dating apps even more challenging than others. There may be numerous apps out there specially designed for the LGBTQIA+ community, but that doesn’t mean they’re particularly useful for providing transgender users with what they desire –  a friendship, a relationship, or simply a get-to-know-you chat. 

The transgender dating app experience can be disheartening, to say the least – whether it’s a bigotted reply, an abhorrent ‘No Trans ⛔’ status, or even a sext from someone simply looking to fetishise the trans identity.

No one should ever feel ostracised from a community that’s supposedly built around unconditional love and acceptance!

Thankfully there are some apps out there that cultivate a wholly positive experience for transgender people. Let’s take a look at the best transgender dating apps that find you loving people with genuine intentions looking for real connections. Try these apps out today. 

I’ll evaluate them by how inclusive each one is for trans people and how successful they are for finding genuine love and connection. I’ll also name the best and worst aspect of the app according to its current users. Let’s begin!


A leading transgender app specially designed for trans singles looking to connect.

Trans is self-labelled as one of the world’s best transgender dating apps, but that’s really down to you to decide. The app aims to connect transgender people with their admirers, so expect the feed to be full of both trans people and cisgender people. The user experience is simple and easy to navigate, but you need to pay a full membership fee to access its full functions. Just make sure you start with a conversation opener that stands out from the crowd.

Best turn on…the large user base of millions worldwide.
Worst turn off…the additional cost for pro features.

Download the app on iOS here.


A fast-growing app for everyone and anyone, no matter your gender or sexuality. 

Butterfly is one of the most exciting and inclusive LGBTQIA+ dating apps. It aims to be a warm and inviting space for everyone to spread their wings. It’s specially designed for non-binary and trans singles, with custom features for you to specify your gender and search for other members of your community. Best of all, there’s no gamification elements – so no dreaded swiping and liking. It’s more about finding similar-minded people and making honest and compassionate connections through sensitivity and respect. 

Best turn on…the censorship of transphobic abuse.
Worst turn off…having to pick and choose an identity box to put yourself in.

Download the app on iOS here.


A big-hearted app that aims to unite all members of the trans community.

Translr is a dating app that gathers members of the transsexual, transvestite, and transgender communities all in one place. It aims to bring kindred spirits together and provide a space for them to meet and connect through shared experiences and stories. Translr prides itself on being a judgement-free zone that’s healthy and safe for all members of the trans community. It’s a paid membership app that verifies every profile and photo so your experience won’t be ruined by endless fake profiles. Translr also values privacy, so rest assured your private information is always protected. 

Best turn on…the app environment is friendly and welcoming.
Best turn off…non paying members have limited access.

Download the app on iOS here.


An ever-evolving app with a wonderfully varied user base.

Initially starting as a gay dating app, Taimi has since evolved into a space that invites all members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Self-labelled as the world’s largest LGBTQIA+ platform, this app has over 10 million users worldwide who fall under each and every colour of the rainbow. Trans singles can enjoy connecting via video, phone calls, or messages. There’s also a range of sub-communities where you can meet compatible people with similar likes and interests – essentially, you can bond over things like movies, pets, and gaming. This app’s definitely for you if you shine bright as an individual.

Best turn on…the open space it provides for being 100% yourself.
Worst turn off…the swipes and matches can be a hindrance. 

Download the app on iOS here.


A queer app that aims to reshape the ways we express and share love.

Thurst is a dating app for everyone and anyone across the gender and sexuality spectrums. A queer woman of colour developed it, so the number one goal is to create a safe space for the most marginalised members of society. You can connect and chat with people nearby or around the world, and anyone is welcome to join, no matter whether you’re looking for fun or something more serious. Thurst is centred around our universal longing for love, so expect an experience that’s full of joy and compassion for all. The app itself is clean, accessible, and easy to use.

Best turn on…its warming message of acceptance.
Worst turn off…the user experience is pretty basic.

Download the app on iOS here.


A newer app specially designed to be a safer space for the community.

Although it’s not gained huge popularity just yet, Fiorry has many strengths that make it one of the best transgender dating apps out there right now for trans singles and their allies. Fiorry is designed to be a safe and secure space for the diverse community to unite and eradicate discrimination together. It has special functional measures in place like self-deleting images that help users feel more comfortable when connecting with each other. There’s also a range of filters to help find your perfect match and WOW messages you can send to those who impress you most.

Best turn on…the modern safeguarding features.
Worst turn off…its small user base. 

Download the app on iOS here.


A text-centred social app that values language over selfies.

Photo editor Kelly Rakowski designed and developed Lex around the type of personal dating ads you’d have found printed in 80s and 90s magazines. The name Lex derives from the word ‘lexicon’, so the app itself is centred around using meaningful language and text rather than shallow selfies and images. Users can create profiles with eye-catching headlines and personal descriptions about who they are and what they truly desire from a lover or friend. Then you can connect and converse with others by replying to ads and posting new headlines. 

Best turn on…the focus on genuine verbal communication.
Worst turn off…not being able to share images whatsoever.

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