The Armenian Dating Show | Blind Date Meets Family First | Episode 1

The Armenian Dating Show follows Armenian singles in Los Angeles as they go on blind dates looking for their perfect Armenian match, but the blind dates must meet the singles’ family before they meet the singles.

The Armenian Dating Show | Blind Date Meets Family First | Episode 1

Shant, an inexperienced dater, goes on a blind date with Natasha after meeting his hilarious dad Henry and best friend Menua. After learning her younger sister is getting engaged, Vanessa searches for her own Armenian match. Vanessa’s large family puts her blind date Tadeh through to the test, but he has a few tricks up his sleeve.

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Directed by Zoe Malhotra
Created by Anthony Dikran Abaci and Alexa Dameri

“El Chem Siri Kez” by Jozeph Sefian
“Bedk Tche Sirellis” by Adiss Harmandian
“Aghatchoum Em” by Giro

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