Stay Social and Distant: Outdoor Date Ideas With A Twist

Nothing quite beats that unspoken moment of recognition between two people on a date that’s going well.  There’s an intangible spark in the air, and you can both feel the force of its hypnotic pull. 

But of course, we’re living in the ‘keep your hearts at least one metre apart’ age, and after twelve months of virtual courtship, there can be pressure to deliver on some outdoor date ideas to prevent the dim of that initial spark. 

Let’s face it –  COVID has firmly established itself as the devious villain in the unpredictable Rom-Com that is modern dating. But true love always finds a way, and with a little imagination, you can find a unique way to impress on a date. 

With a few tips on how to shake up some tried and true dating ideas, you’ll be back in Rom-Com mode quicker than you can say  ‘you had me at hello’ (Although you may need to say it a little louder for a socially distanced outdoor date). 

Outdoor Date Ideas Disclaimer

This is not about throwing money around and thinking you’ll find your soulmate at the bottom of your wallet. Outdoor dating does NOT have to be expensive. It just needs some thought and consideration. Let’s be sure to remember what’s really important in getting to know someone – connecting. And no, this doesn’t mean physically. 

I’m talking about the under-the-surface stuff that can only come with quality time spent in good company. Studies have shown that a slow build-up can bolster a relationship and make it last. In the quest for that elusive soulmate, we need to make the best of our situations. 

Now we’ve established the outdoor dating world, let’s explore ways to spice up your date night ideas during COVID in the great outdoors:

Taking a walk

I know what you’re thinking. Pretty standard stuff, right? But I want you to describe your perfect date, and if the understated romance in a long walk with someone you find attractive isn’t pretty high up on your ideal scenarios,  I’ll be shocked. 

Of course, the point here is in planning some outdoor date ideas with a twist. So let’s shake things up a little bit! Make it special – agree to meet early, before the morning commuters and bustle of the day interrupt your time together. 

Search online for local places you’ve never explored. Take the back streets for a change. Enjoy finding out about each other. Being up and about before the rest of the world gives outdoor dating that little extra special something. 

Personal, peaceful plans can make the best date ideas. So think again about what you want from all of this. Then ask yourself honestly –  Did we just describe your perfect date?  

Outdoor dating at the Drive-In

Look, we all love the comfort of our sweat pants and a baggy t-shirt on the sofa with Netflix,  but nothing compares to a romantic movie on the big screen. So if you have the means to do so safely, a night at the drive-in can leave a long-lasting impression. 

In the last year, Drive-in movie theatres have made a huge comeback. And with dating ideas during COVID becoming more unique, it’s not difficult to understand why. 

How does a drive-in cinema work? It’s simple! You’re allocated a parking space and a speaker box that you put on the dashboard. After that, all you need to do is relax, get cosy and grab the popcorn. 

Yes, free date ideas are handy, but honestly, who doesn’t love a trip to the cinema? Just be sure to pick a film that’s in a genre you’ll BOTH enjoy. 

No one wants to sit through a screening of ‘How does a drive-in cinema work? The 4-hour director’s cut’ on a date night. Trust me, I’ve had to learn this the hard way. 

Camping under the stars

Can’t share a tent? All the better! Make it a fun challenge. Set up your tents at a safe distance, then make goofy flags for them. Toast marshmallows over a crackling fire with a few long sticks and laugh about it. 

When it comes to outdoor date ideas, the two of you camping under the stars will ensure the embers of romance will carry on long after that campfire has been extinguished.

Take a Bike Ride with a twist

Everyone loves a bike ride. It relieves stress, makes us feel youthful, and calls to mind a more innocent time in our lives. Free date ideas can seem a little bland on the surface, so Introduce a variation on this to leave a lasting impression. 

Agree to make each other a mix of songs on Spotify. Plan a route before you start, and listen to their chosen music as you cycle. Hearing their favourite love songs gives you an idea of their tastes, and inspires countless conversations when you finish your route. 

Above all else, care and good timing can make any outdoor dating experience memorable. 

Has your date had a long and stressful week at work? Have some snacks and a bottle of wine waiting in a nearby park. Set the tone for your relationship with simple but thoughtful gestures. Small and sincere always make the best date ideas. 

It doesn’t matter if your outdoor date ideas are for a first-time meeting, or the next step in what’s almost a committed relationship. Hell, even if you’re unsure of the exact parameters of your relationship status, a little effort will bring you both together in ways other than physical.

Remember – dating is supposed to be fun! So apply a little sanitizer, paint a smile on that face mask and maintain a little space to enjoy these socially distanced outdoor dating ideas with a twist!

While outdoor dating in a pandemic may have made the wait for that first kiss a little longer, it certainly added some depth, and when that moment finally does happen, it’ll feel all the more special.

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