How Sexy Words and Phrases Can Spice up Your Love Life

There are so many reasons why you should introduce dirty talk into your relationship. Whether you’ve been together for years or you’re just starting out. Nothing quite bonds you and lights that fire in your loins like sharing some erotic words. Whether you want to do this via text or in the bedroom, we’ve got some sexy words that will send your partner’s libido into hyperdrive. 


Why do people introduce sexy words to their relationships? 

There are so many reasons that you may want to introduce some sexy talk into your relationship, let’s go over them now: 

Spicing up your sex life with some sexual words

It’s so easy to get in a bit of a sexual rut. When you’ve been together for a long time, it can sometimes feel like life gets in the way of passion. Maybe you used to be sexual animals and over the years it has dwindled, or perhaps your sex life has always been a bit too vanilla for your liking and you’re ready to inject the spiciness you’ve been craving. 

Explore something new 

Using sexy words in the bedroom is a great way of exploring your sexual kinks and getting a gauge on whether or not your partner is into it too. For example, you might be really into nipple play, and never felt you could tell your partner. But by saying ‘bite my nipples’ and then reaffirming ‘I like that’ – they’ll be so excited that they’ve turned you on, that it will become a firm favourite in the bedroom. 


Vocalise your fantasies 

This is also a safe way to explore your sexual fantasies in a vocal way rather than a physical way. For example, if you’re in a hetero-relationship but you want to explore your interest in the same sex, you can talk your partner through your fantasy sex act in the bedroom. This is also a great way to work out how turned on you get about the idea of the act before deciding whether or not you both want to go ahead with it IRL. 

Build Intimacy 

To make a relationship last and to make each other feel needed and special, using erotic words and language will help you stay connected. It’s easy to drift apart sexually the longer you’ve been together… and the older you get. Try adding some saucy talk to your relationship, to reignite that passion.. 

Make them feel sexy

There is nothing sexier than being told you’re sexy. When your partner is vocalising how much they want you, and how you make them feel… wue a massive ego boost! Why not give that serotonin burst to your partner with some sexy words today. 

Try sexting 

Sometimes it’s not that easy to bring the sexy talk to the bedroom, so why not express your desires via text? This is a great way to build up some tension before you can finally get home and rip each other’s clothes off. Or perhaps you’re in a long-distance relationship, and you want to keep that fire burning. 

Here are some ideas on how you can spice up your relationship with some sexy texts. 

Sexy words at a dinner party 

Whilst you’re out at dinner or a party, you could send your partner a cheeky sexy text. Something along the lines off, ‘I’m not wearing any underwear’ or ‘I can’t wait to get home and get naked.’ They’ll be rushing their dinner, to take you home for dessert. 

When they’re away from home 

Get them super excited about coming home with some sexy words. Tease them with some explicit texts about what you’re going to do to them when they return. 

Keep your long-distance relationship alive with some naughty messages 

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder but you know what else helps? Sex texts. And if you want to go a step further – phone sex! If you can’t be physically intimate, grab your sex toys, and your phone and start telling your partner exactly what you wish you could do to them. 


How to start talking dirty

There are no hard (…sorry) and fast rules when it comes to talking dirty, you really can tailor it to what you and your partner like, as well as what your turn on’s and fantasies are. However, here are a few examples and tips on how to get started. 

Call them sexy or other sexy synonyms

The easiest way to get starting is to start slipping the word sexy into the conversation. This can be as simple as saying ‘it’s so sexy when you kiss my neck like that.’ or ‘you look so sexy in that top, take it off.’ If you’re not comfortable using the word sexy, you can get creative with it and think of another word for sexy, like hot or cute.  


Here are some other sexy adjectives you can use to describe your partner: 

  • Cute
  • Fit
  • Gorgeous 
  • Horny (preferably not in an Austin Powers voice) 
  • Enticing 
  • Sensual 
  • Alluring 
  • Enigmatic 
  • Ravishing 
  • Handsome 
  • Sultry 
  • Charming 

Start slowly 

If you’re new to this, there is no rush to adding some sexy words to your sex life. You can start slowly by sending a dirty text, or by whispering some erotic words in their ear during sex. Then you can build up to full-blown filth. 

Make sure they’re comfortable with it 

You can either ask them directly if they want to do some dirty talk to see how they feel about it, or you can start slowly introducing it to them and see how far you can take it. 

Top 20 sexual words to get you started 

Now we get to the part you’ve been waiting for. We’ve put together a seductive words list to help you kick things off and get your partner excited. 

  1. I’m so horny 

This simple but efficient. Straight to the point, this will get them excited. 

  1. I’m so wet/ so hard 

This is another one that is simple but effective. It will drive them wild. 

  1. Bite me 

Make it a little more fun, with some biting play. Also, lovebites are a fun little souvenir of a night well spent. 

  1. Spank me 

Get that paddle out if you’re feeling extra adventurous. 

  1. Recall a time when you both had amazing sex and talk them through why you liked it so much 

Was there a particular time, maybe at the beginning of your relationship when you had a crazy night of passion? Start recalling that night, tell them everything, from what you were wearing, to how you still masturbate to the thought of it. 

  1. Tell each other your fantasies (this could be anything from threesomes and orgies to BDSM and spanking)

This is a great opportunity for you to live out some of your wildest fantasies, by creating that picture in both of your minds. You never know, might lead to the real thing, if you both get super turned on by it. 

  1. Call me your bitch

Whilst some people don’t like this, because they feel it could be derogatory. Some people like to role-play. 

  1. Do me from behind 

This can be any of your favourite sex positions, vocalise what you want. 

  1. Punish me 

If you’re looking for a more submissive sexual experience, this is the best way to start your role-playing. 

  1. I want more 

Make them feel incredible by letting them know you can’t get enough of them. 

  1. Go down on me 

It can be a bit of a tricky one, asking for oral sex, but whilst you’re in the moment. Let them know that you could use some extra attention down there. 

  1. Make me scream 

They will see this as a challenge, one that they’ll be desperate to achieve. 

  1. Kiss every bit of my body 

This is a subtle way to get some extra attention and focus on you. 

  1. Shut up and get naked 

Feeling bossy? Let them know who’s in control!

  1. I’m going to do XYZ to you 

Get them super excited by detailing everything you’re about to do to them. 

  1. Harder, harder, harder 

Again, it’s a classic, but nothing makes a man feel more like a king than knowing you want more. 

  1. You can’t put it in until I say so 

Tease them until they can’t handle it anymore. They’ll find you irresistible.

  1. I need you now 

Is there anything sexier than knowing someone physically cannot wait to be with you and needs to have you right here and right now. 

  1. Daddy…

This one is a bit of a hit or miss. Some men love it, some men find it a bit weird. So, maybe test this one out slowly. Whisper daddy in his ear and see what reception you get. 

  1. Compliment their junk 

This one is pretty self-explanatory, tell them they have a beautiful vagina or a handsome penis. Who wouldn’t love that. 

The most important thing is to have fun with it. Make sure you feel comfortable and safe with someone who cares about you and then you will find it easier to let the sexy words flow. 


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