Dating younger men | Why some men seek out older women

Dating younger men. Why some younger men seek out older women.

Women often look for love in the wrong places. Sometimes after a marriage or a long term relationship ends, or an older woman starts dating after being alone for a while, they turn to younger men. Sometimes much younger men. Women often date men 10-20 years you younger than they are. Sometimes younger men target much older women because they can often make easier targets. Men recognize a woman’s vulnerability and sometimes take the opportunity to give a much older woman “her groove back” while fetishizing them for their age, maturity, wisdom, motherly instincts, resources, and sexuality. Men love experiencing all types of women and often add much older women to their collections. Please be careful chasing love in much younger places. Have your fun but please don’t set expectations on men who can’t even be trusted by women their own age.

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