Couples Challenge Questions: Get To Know You Questions

Whether you’ve been married for decades or your most recent crush has blossomed into something more special, it’s often worth asking yourself: How well do I actually know the person sitting opposite me at this candle-lit dinner table? That’s where Miingle’s series of couples challenge questions come in to help!

You may well have a relationship that’s built on the roaringly romantic flames of love, trust and loyalty, but deep-down, you might not know important things about one another that you perhaps should. And we’re not necessarily talking about minor trivia like a mother’s maiden name or a favourite colour, we’re talking more about the heavy-hearted inquiries into your partner’s past, present, and future. 

So as a way of improving the close connection of your bond, take a look at these cute couples questions that test your personal knowledge. But rather than an interrogation on how lovingly devoted you are, use these relationship conversations in a lighthearted way. They can make a great date night conversation game for couples, testing how good of a listener you are and giving you the opportunity to ask questions that you might not have thought of before. It’s time to properly open up! No pressure. 


Couples Challenge Questions: What’s Your Favourite?

Let’s start at the very basics. We’re hoping you at least know each other’s favourite colour or a favourite animal, so this set of questions make a great addition to our conversation game for couples by digging a little deeper into your likes and interests. Plus, it may well give you some ideas for future surprises.

What is your favourite gift that I’ve bought for you?

What is the best holiday destination that you’ve visited? 

What was your favourite TV show growing up?

What is your favourite part about the way I look?

What is your favourite part about the way you look?

What is your favourite personality trait of mine?

What is your favourite personality trait of yours?

What is your favourite date that we’ve been on together?

What are your three favourite things that you cannot live without?

What is your favourite cocktail to drink?

Couples Challenge Questions: Dreams & Aspirations 

Now it’s time to get a little more heartfelt by asking some questions about your dreams and aspirations in life. As a committed couple, it’s important that you want to build a life together as one and make plans for your future as a united partnership. However, we’re also each our own individual with personal goals, so read on to learn something new about your partner’s hopes in life!

What is the number one goal on your bucket list?

What is the definition of family to you?

What values do you want to instil in your children?

What place have you always wanted to visit with me?

What does your forever home look like?

What is something you want to learn in the next coming year?

What is one thing about yourself that you’re not willing to change for a relationship?

What is the number one thing you’re looking forward to in the future?

What’s an alternative career path you wish you had taken?

What do you want to do during your retirement?

Just as an FYI – one of the most important ways we here at Miingle think you can become a power couple is to align your dreams and life visions with each other. Check out our full couples goals guide here. 

Couples Challenge Questions: Sex & Intimacy

Let’s heat things up a little with some questions on sex, intimacy, and the all-important sparks that fly in the bedroom. We all have our personal kinks and desires between the sheets, so these flirty and dirty sex and relationship conversations might be what’s needed for you to add some new impassioned lust to your intimacy. In addition, read our post on the words and phrases that can spice up your sex life.

What part of my body turns you on the most?

Where have you always wanted to have sex but been afraid to?

What is the best sexual experience you’ve ever shared with me?

What is the sexiest outfit you’ve ever seen me wear?

What should I whisper in your ear to turn you on?

What part of the body do you like to be kissed the most?

What new sex position would you most like to try?

What is your favourite toy to use?

Do you prefer rough or romantic?

What part of foreplay turns you on the most?

Couples Challenge Questions: Past & History

Lastly, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane by delving into your past. We all have a history of memories we cherish, challenges we overcame, and past relationships we regret, but sometimes we tend to skip over the parts that hurt the most or we’d rather our partners not know. So, these honest and meaningful conversation starters make cute couples questions when you’re ready to take your relationship to a new sentimentally sincere level.

What is your unhappiest childhood memory?

What childhood memory most shaped who you are today?

Who was your role model when you were younger and why?

Who is your oldest and most treasured friend?

What characteristics do you wish you hadn’t inherited from your parents?

What do you wish you could go back and tell your 10-year-old self?

What would your 10-year-old self think about you now?

What is the worst thing you’ve ever done in a relationship?

What is the biggest lie you ever told?

What is a past failure that you regret the most?

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