10 Of The Best Lubes To Improve Your Sex Life

We’re all into different things in the bedroom. What turns some people on, might turn others off. Yet, there’s one universal truth I’m sure we can all agree on when it comes to making sure sexual intercourse feels good for you both: wet is best! To help you reach maximum enjoyment between the sheets, we’ve got a list of the best lubes to make sure your sex life peaks just the way it should.

Not only can lube help add some spice to your bedroom habits, but it’s also a super important way of lubricating the genitals to avoid any unwanted injuries. In fact, an Indiana University study found that 70% of the women they surveyed thought using lube in intercourse actually made sex feel significantly more pleasurable and enjoyable. 

And the same goes for gay men too – a study of gay men living in San Francisco found that over 89% only have anal sex if they use a lubricant. So it really does go without saying that lube is a bedroom essential for a lot of us – and sex is undeniably a lot more comfortable and painless when things are extra (brace yourself)…moist. 

Now that you’re finished cringing from that word, and I promise it won’t be used again for the remainder of this blog, let’s get down to discussing what the best lube might be for you. Whether it’s a type that makes things taste a little better, makes things tingle, or warms things up, this list will have the right lubricant for your needs. 


Silicone Lubricants

SKYN All Night Long 

For those who…pride themselves on their enduring stamina.

Made by SKYN, one of the most trusted sex brands out there, this premium silicone lubricant can be used for both penile and vaginal applications. It helps moisturise the genital areas and enhances the comfort of your intimate activities. Best of all, its special formula is designed to last, making it the perfect choice for couples wanting to take on a midnight marathon with its long-lasting effect. Read our beginners guide to BDSM to find out if there’s any extra kink you fancy adding to your bedroom antics too. 

To buy your SKYN All Night Long silicone lubricant, visit Amazon.

Bottoms Up Anal Shooter 

For those who…are looking for a pocket-sized lube to always feel ready and prepared.

Made especially for safe and comfortable anal sex, Bottoms Up Anal Shooter is the perfect choice for those interested in a travel-size companion – because you never know when you might need some anal lubricant, right? As well as being super slick, this silicone lubricant is also enriched with nourishing vitamin E to reduce any sore tenderness the next day. Plus, it’s vegan, odourless, and has a nozzle for a quick, simple, and easy application.

If you’re interested in Bottoms Up Anal Shooter, browse on JouJou.  


For those who…want to pay a little extra.

Uberlube is a high-end premium silicone lubricant that is specially formulated to feel wet, slippery, and also transfer sensation during contact. As well as being tasteless, odourless and gorgeously silky (not sticky), this lube will also leave the skin feeling super soft and moisturised. It will last as long as you need it to – whether it’s a quickie or a ‘till 5 am session. Containing just 4 ingredients, this is the ultimate choice for treating you and your partner to a luxury no-fuss lube.

To try it out for yourself, browse here on JouJou.

Lüb Lube

For those who…enjoy getting frisky underwater.

Lüb Lube is like liquid satin – silky smooth with no lumps, clumps, or residue. And best of all, it’s water-friendly meaning it’s the very best option for getting intimate in a pool, shower, or hot tub. There’s also no nasty additives in the formula so it won’t affect any PH levels – and it’s one of the best lubes for anal sex too. You provide the champagne and Lüb Lube will provide the lubricant for comfort and pleasure.

For your very own water-resistant lube, check it out on Amazon.

Intimate Earth Elite Velvet Touch 

For those who…enjoy intimate massaging during foreplay.

This two-in-one massage oil and lubricant contains only the highest grade silicone for a great performing sex enhancer. Infused with shiitake extracts and some nourishing vitamin E, this lube is velvety smooth and glides across the skin effortlessly to massage, moisturise and lubricate any desired area. It’s also odourless, colourless, and is 100% suitable for use by vegans. 

If you’re interested, browse JouJou.

Water-Based Lubricants and Natural Lubricants

Eros Bio Water Based Lube

For those who…live a vegan lifestyle.

The unique selling point of Eros Bio Water Based Lubricant is its certification from The Vegan Society. It’s 100% natural and has a high-quality formula that’s been specially developed for the use of vegans. What’s more, it’s everything you need from a water-based lubricant – smooth, silky, greaseless, colourless, and odourless. It’s also super long-lasting so one little squeeze can endure for however long you need it to!

If you’re interested in this vegan registered lube, visit Amazon.

We-Vibe Lube

For those who…want an all-rounder water-based lubricant.

This premium water-based lube from We-Vibe is suitable for men, women, and everyone in between. Not only does it provide excellent silky lubrication, but it also nourishes and moisturises with long-lasting effect. It’s suitable for all kinds of pleasure too – from masturbation to sexual intercourse to toy play, so this is the lube if you need an all-purpose versatile lube that does the job whatever your needs. It’s also condom-friendly and is oil and silicone-free.

If this is the right lube for you, visit We-Vibe. 

Sensuva Insane Warming 

For those who…want to spark some flames and heat things up.

There’s no lube quite like Sensuva Insane Warming Lubricant out there – it’s a hybrid formula that is strong and intense. As an ultra-stimulating moisturiser, this lube not only lubricates but also creates a sensation of movement and warming inside the vagina. It’s especially stimulating around the clitoris area but use sparingly as the lube works to maximum warming effect with just a small amount. To turn up the temperature even more so, read our list of sexy phrases that can massively boost your libido.

 If you’re wanting to spice things up with this warming lube, visit JouJou.

Durex Extra-sensitive 

For those who…have super sensitive skin

This natural lubricant from Durex is the perfect choice for those who are sensitive to usual silicone-based formulas. Made with 100% natural ingredients, this moisturising lubricant is PH friendly and has absolutely no fragrance or colour additives. What’s more, it contains a natural aloe vera extract to soothe any tenderness and rehydrate your intimate areas when they need it most. It’s also condom-friendly.

If this is the extra-sensitive lube you need, have a browse on Amazon.

System JO H20 Flavoured Lube

For those who…want to make oral sex a little tastier for you both.

For some extra sweetness in the bedroom, this water-based lubricant is for you. On top of feeling just as silky and smooth as silicone lube, there’s also a selection of 12 flavours to choose from. Ranging from Strawberry Kiss to Juicy Pineapple, this water-based lube is perfectly sweet and tasty whatever the flavour. It’s also condom-friendly and safe to use with sex toys.

For your own flavoured lube, visit Amazon.

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